SabreISC alpha beta gamma integrated sample counter


Our radiation detection instruments are among the smallest in the industry.  Using advanced software and firmware developed in-house, they feature real-time measurement of alpha and beta particles.  Offering superior radon-background subtraction, all our CAMs and sample counters employ our state-

of-the-art alpha peak shape fitting algorithm for superior sensitivity with the presence of radon daughters.

Bladewerx offers a series of stationary, portable and wearable instruments based on the SabreMCA 256-channel Multi-Channel Analyzer.  Our newest instruments, the EpeeCAM and SabreISC are based on the innovative EpeeMCA board and the versatile SabreMCA board, respectively.


Portable Alpha CAM

 (Radon Mode Available)


Alpha(Beta) Sample Counter

(Radon Mode Available)


Portable Beta(Alpha) CAM

(Radon Mode Available)

CHFM compact Hand and Foot Monitor for surface Alpha and Beta particles EpeeCAM & EpeeBZM personal Alpha Beta air monitor

EpeeCAM & EpeeBZM

Personal Alpha(Beta) CAM

(Radon Mode Available)


Compact Hand & Foot Monitor

 (cart version pictured)

SabreAlert² portable alpha air monitor microPulser programmable pulse generator for calibrating radiation instrumentation


Programmable Pulse Generator

SabreBPM² updated portable alpha beta gamma air monitor


Alpha Survey Meter

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