Bladewerx provides instrumentation products to the radiation protection and measurement industry. Specializing in portable alpha-in-air instrumentation and client software applications, the company has a reputation of providing cutting edge technology in both algorithm development and attractive but practical software user-interface design.

microPulser programmable pulse generator

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Our instrument offerings illustrate the company focus of merging the needs of the health physics profession to rapidly emerging technologies, which make possible the miniaturization and low power

requirements found in our products.

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The new Quick Start Training Video Series is an overview of a new SabreAlert or SabreBPM right out of the box. The videos follows the necessary steps to get your instrument up and running. They cover powering on, understanding the display, checking the filter, and viewing the spectrum. Part 1 ends with an 8 hour burn-in, which will be utilized in the calibration done during Part 2.

Quick Start Calibration Training Video Series
SabreBPM portable alpha beta air monitor

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Portable Beta(Alpha) CAM

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